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WASO Headshots

Hello everyone,

Several of you have asked about getting the photos from the recent headshot session. 

I have no issue with giving you the images and neither does WASO as long as it is for personal use.

In order to give you the full, high resolution file I would, however, need to do some additional cleaning work on them and make sure they are ready to be released to the public in such a large format. The size that they will be shown on WASO website is quite small so what I did so far was limited to the requirements of that. For high res files I'll need to clean up all the cat and dog hairs and every other piece of fluff, stains and other unseightly blemishes.   

I'd be happy to offer to do that for $25. 

If you'd like to order your image please select it from the gallery, add it to the shopping cart and then proceed to the checkout where you should opt for the Direct Bank Transfer. After successfully completing this process I will receive an email notification detailing your order and you can organise a normal online payment into the below account.

Nik Babic Photography

BSB: 306 041 Acc: 1062358

When the images are finished I will send them to you via email. This shouldn't take more then couple of days but I will be aiming for the same day delivery.

If you have any other questions please contact me and I will clarify.

Thank you all for being accomodating and for all the friendly smiles.

I hope you like the way they turned out. Let me know otherwise, too, as we can possibly do something about it.



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